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What you should know before buying a VPN?

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The first thing to note is that free VPN services are of bad quality and can be stopped at all costs. Free VPNs have a number of drawbacks, including:
Inadequate security: Many free alternatives use unreliable authentication protocols like PPTP.

A smaller number of servers: If there aren’t enough servers to handle the requisite bandwidth for a large number of users, your performance will slow to a crawl.

Ads that irritate you:  Some free VPNs rely on advertisements to fund their services.

Download restrictions: The amount of data you can download or even upload is typically extremely restricted for free providers.

Factors to hold in mind when picking the best VPN app

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Speed: You want to make sure that the VPN provides ample speed, since many providers are struggling to remain high enough to stream or download.

Reputation: To get a clear idea of how a VPN works, read customer and expert feedback. Often, since the topic of net neutrality has come to the fore, a lot of bogus VPNs have cropped up, so make sure you’re looking at a legitimate one.

Highlights: Remember what’s essential to you, and make sure the VPN you select is compliant with your requirements. Some VPNs, for example, do not support BitTorrent use, while others do. Some VPN download allowances are capped, while others are unlimited. Ad-blocking, firewalls, kill switches, simultaneous links, and the option to alter the server position at any time are all features that certain providers have. Figure out what fits best for you and your online life.

Shared IP addresses: Use a VPN that has shared IPs. Being among many anonymous users provides an additional layer of anonymity to the surfing experience.

Data logging: Choose a VPN that does not hold data logs (basically, its own account of your internet movements). Check the VPN’s policies to see how it keeps track of your data.

Customer service: The better VPNs provide customer service available in the event that something goes wrong.

Protocol: Use OpenVPN instead of PPTP, which is a less secure authentication protocol.

Free trial: Many VPNs give free trials, which you can take advantage of. Before you decide whether or not to buy a VPN, try it out to see how easy it is to use and how quick it is.

Servers: If it comes to efficiency, more servers are equivalent to better browsing, since each server is less busy.

Encryption: Search for the AES-256 advanced encryption standard, which is the most advanced encryption protocol available today. It’s almost impossible to crack and there are more variations than sea sand.